FAQ & Policies

Where is the store based out of? Where do our products get sent from?

The founders of Aisuru 100% are currently located in Georgia, USA! However, we source globally (North America, China, Japan, South Korea) in order to keep prices as low as possible and to bring you the widest variety of products that we possibly can. At this time, and for the foreseeable future, all correspondence that you have with us through our website, Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail will be in English, though we will do our best to translate for our overseas customers that reach out to us!

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

Yes, we ship everywhere and accept orders from the furthest reaches of the world, including Antarctica! (Not that anybody has ordered from there yet, but we'll get the sled team together to make the delivery ourselves, if so.)

Is shipping free?

Yes! At the current time, we do offer free shipping internationally for a majority of our items; we front the cost ourselves. However, if we notice you happen live in an area that is difficult (or excessive in cost) to ship to, we will contact you. More than likely, we can still ship for free...it just may take a little longer to get to you! Hang in there, champ!

Okay, I paid for my things and got an order confirmation...when do my tracking numbers come?

Tracking numbers come and additional confirmation happens once all items from your order are properly confirmed--and this may not be all at once. For example, if you have an order for three (3) items and they each come from a different supplier, we will not mark that order as fulfilled until each supplier has shipped your item. So, if it takes Supplier A 1 day to process item #1 and 3 days for Supplier B to process item #2, we don't want to send correspondence that your whole order has been fulfilled when item #3 has not yet been sent by Supplier C (but is still in the promised window for processing). We are absolutely able to send an individual tracking number for each item upon request, but otherwise, they will be lumped together once the whole order is confirmed and on its way. This keeps things straightforward and simple! If we have your item stateside, we have one day processing with a standard two day ship time.

Ugh...my package has been stuck/sitting in China for, like, 20 years at least. Why? Is something wrong?

Nope! Chances are, everything is 200% a-okay. Items from the store that are sourced internationally from our suppliers have to go through customs...and customs suck big time, mostly because it's a slow process for everybody. The tracking number will only give status updates again when it reaches your country because that's the next point where somebody is able to actually scan your items. If it extends past three to four weeks and you live in North America (and we haven't already corresponded with you in some fashion), please contact us and we will find your package for you. For other countries, please contact us if it has been more than thirty (30) days. Otherwise, thank you for being patient and continuing to wait!

When will my order actually ship?

Orders need 1-7 days for processing, depending on the supplier and item, and then it is shipped!

When will I receive my order?

Estimated delivery time (once in the mail, on average, after processing time):

☆ USA: 8-16 business days ☆

Other countries: 20-35 business days

Countries w/ Strict Customs (Germany / Israel / Switzerland / Hungary / Bulgaria / Belgium / India): 30-45 business days

Brazil/Russia: 45-60 business days

Columbia: 30-55 business days

Italy: 28-60 business days


What is the general return, refund, and exchange policy?

Refunds are processed if the item is damaged or incorrect. Please contact us with clear pictures of the damage within 3 days of receiving the item. We make sure to exclusively work with suppliers that have the highest reviews and customer satisfaction scores, but we know that things happen sometimes! Either way, we definitely want to be made aware so we continue to have the best shop around.

Items that are the wrong size or color on your part may also be returned, though there is a restocking fee of 15% on the item and all shipping fees must be covered by the customer, which will be determined in those situations. This must be done within 3 days of receiving the item as well, and they must be in their original condition.

An item that is received late due to customs or weather, slight color difference or a change of mind will not be accepted for a refund or exchange. Some clothing products have a difference of 1-3 cm, particularly ones that are custom made to order that we list on the shop. We cannot refund or replace items due to these minor differences.

Items that are out of stock entirely are usually made unavailable very quickly on our website...however, if there is a slip-up/technical hiccup and you're too fast for us, we will be certain to refund you, no questions asked.

Because of the nature of the items, there are absolutely no returns on lingerie, underwear, bathing suits, and other items that would typically be deemed "intimate". We will still take care of the situation if the wrong item is sent, but this is the only exception. Please try and use existing size charts for these items, and if you need more clarification, shoot us a message so we can get the info back to you!

I haven't received a reply from you guys yet! What gives?

We reply usually reply within the same day, but please give us one to two days to try and respond to you! Please be sure to check your junk folder as well if you e-mail us! Our e-mail is aisuru.jpg@gmail.com; our Instagram handle (DMs open, always) is @aisuru.club.

I only received part of my order! Where is everything else?

If you received only part of your order, please don't worry! You will receive the rest of your order in another package or packages, and this is due to the nature of our shop sourcing from many individuals (see above in our FAQ). Sometimes weight is also the cause for needing to split an order, which is part of what helps us keep shipping free for you!

Who will pay for customs/taxes?

If there is an import, regional, or state tax, the buyer is responsible for paying for it. Fortunately, at the current time, we have all our store items set up with these fees built in! Go, Aisuru, go!

Can I cancel my order?

You can only cancel the order if the items have not been shipped. If they have been shipped, you cannot cancel.