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Posted originally to the GoFundMe website:

After many messages of support from our Aisuru Family, we are swallowing our pride and asking for your help. If you have made it this far, thank you so much for your time, love and everything you do that keeps us breathing each and every day. 

Please see the TL;DR at the very bottom for a quick summary!

This is truly one of the most difficult things we've had to do to date; it's a cosmic lesson for us in that we always want to be the foundation and positive light in everybody's lives...but we have to also be willing to accept the love we want to give. 

Here's the lowdown:

After several months of Roan's 9-to-5 jobs falling through, and now with the government shutdown in place, they have been out of a job--something that hasn't happened since they were in high school. Pizza delivery was the way to go for quick cash, but recently (also in part due to the shutdown), they have had too many tenured drivers in place that the new kids (read: Roan, the newest kid of them all) aren't able to secure time slots. They're basically put on the back burner for if somebody happens to call out. On top of running Aisuru 100%! with Sweet Mama Oni, Roan has been in the process of trying to develop a secondary online business in the freight brokerage industry...but, once again, due to the shutdown, this has been incredibly slow going. 

There's a common obnoxious government theme going on here, if you can't already tell. (҂⌣̀_⌣́) But with that being said...

We officially have no further reserve funds to operate on.

What we are looking for currently is emergency funds to cover the cost of our internet which was hiked up after a long battle with Comcast (in which we did not win a single battle), set to be disconnected if not paid by today, January 15th. This is the most pressing bill, as it is how we operate everything else in our lives both personally and professionally, and our data plans can't handle us not being on it.

Additional bills (with slightly more time) include:

- Our gas (due by the 20th), already partially paid.

- Prescription pet food for our precious cat son Luca (ASAP). He's always been a nervous eater so we now have to monitor him more closely than ever, but last year he had a blockage in his urinary tract that nearly shut his kidneys down and we've been doing our best to substitute the lifelong prescription food he's supposed to be eating daily, which he has not been able to get in several weeks. We worry constantly about this, because every pet in this house eats before we do. See him getting his IV transfusion from the incident in the pics!

- Oni's essential medicines for her fibromyalgia, depression, plus a few others--not to mention the doctor's visit we will have to make at the end of the month out-of-pocket (no insurance) in order to renew her prescription (despite the fact that we already know it's working fine, as it has been the last year). (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ ) This is non-negotiable; to be off of it causes extremely heavy withdrawal symptoms and the medicine cannot be directly stopped. You have to switch to something less powerful, wean down, then stop that medication. It's a wild process, but Oni would tell you she has a wild body to try and keep in line.

- Electric bill, also partially paid, that is set to be cut by the 30th with no remaining extension time. This is the real bill that's killed everything else this month, as they told us the account was "too young" for extension when Roan initially lost their job. So basically, they cut it and that incurred a deposit with reconnect fees...and then this month, the account was eligible for extension because it was magically old enough. Go figure! The past due was taken care of with extra charges/late fees/reconnect fees/partial deposit (approx. $369), but the new portion could only be extended to the end of the month. In order to give us until the 30th, I broke a payment arrangement and will be ineligible for another one for a minimum of 60 days.

- Core essentials; toiletries, other pet food, basic food, etc. We're able to eat very slim and make some things that last; we pride ourselves in it. We should add rent on here, because if the month remains how it has been, we may be in a bad position with that very quickly. However, I feel like that may be overstepping and we aren't totally comfortable asking for such a large sum on top of what we're already asking for.

- Operating costs of Aisuru 100!%! This mostly has to do with what we pay in vendor fees, the hits we take with lots of coupon codes (which you shoud ALWAYS use!), and the actual card processing fees (PayPal is ALWAYS the best option)!

The picture you see as the cover on here is Momo and I (Roan) at our first apartment together in 2012. This was the beginning of her starting to get really sick. The second pic pushed over on the right is Momo how she looked right before starting Aisuru in early 2018--no filter. The last one one on bottom left is a few weeks ago, taken of the both of us right before Roan lost their job and shaved off most of their hair. It was an okay decision.

Really though, you guys are truly the reason we get up in the morning and keep doing what we do, and it is healing inside and out. Images like this are a testament to that and your power; you have brought and kept our favorite online mom alive, quite literally. This whole store venture has been Oni's one singular dream, and we will keep that flame burning. No questions asked.

TL;DR: We've got bills and not enough income to supplement at the moment after job loss. Attempting other businesses, slow due to shutdown. Medical situation about to be impacted, pets are in dangerous situation, internet will be gone if not paid today. Bills are about to be due in full.

**For folks who are skeptical of what your money goes to once you give it: we will do whatever necessary to be sure you're comfortable with the process--if you want full access to ANY bill to throw some funds at it or verify the balance due, we will make it happen. We will give you our personal information. We can do live IGTV livestreams of purchasing the pet food or groceries, whatever it takes to verify for you.**

**For folks who know us a little better: PLEASE consider using the donate button now located on the website or asking for our bill info direct; it is tied directly to our PayPal business account and we have a debit card for that which can be used immediately to pay for everything (namely our internet). We will still do anything necessary to make you comfortable!**

**For both: we do have a stream planned for today (1/15/18) with at least Roan to answer questions and hang out with the fam for the first time ever!**

****IF YOU DONATE, PLEASE SEE OUR IG FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS AND REWARDS WE WANT TO OFFER YOU! We want to be sure to pay it back and let you know how deeply and sincerely we appreciate you. Some of the offerings we have include deep site discount codes, custom anime/manga phone backgrounds, free mystery shirts, poems/writings of ours, etc--and we are open to all suggestions!****


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